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Recently, the girls of SNSD completed a CF for Goobne Chicken. After the CF was released, Goobne Chicken also released a “making of video” of SNSD while they were filming.

The girls seem to be having a fun time filming. Did you get a chance to catch the CF yet? Check out the “making of video” below!

Girls’ Generation – Goobne Chicken “making of video”

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SM Entertainment’s official youtube channel just released a video of Girls’ Generation promoting “Star’s Favorites”. “Star’s Favorites” is a service designed for fans to get to know more about celebrities, including what they like, and how they are in the dorms.

Check out the video and the translations below!

SNSD: Hello, we’re Girl’s Generation!

Jessica: Everyone, aren’t you curious as to our favorite music and such? Aren’t you curious about how we look normally?

Yuri: We’re curious!

Jessica: Yes!

Yoona: A mobile service where you can solve all your curiosities and get ringtones recommended by stars called “Star’s Favorites” has just opened! For this service, it won’t be just a corner where you can listen to star-recommended music. It will also have a photo room where stars upload pictures of their everyday lives. On top of that, the offline market “Everysing” will be opening up for prizes, so sign up to get awards!

Hyoyeon: Yay, awards!

Sunny: It’s not just for Girls’ Generation, but for stars such as SHINee and f(x). Please take a look at “Star’s Favorites”. It will be a program where you can share stars’ loves and taste! Please take interest in it! And please love us Girls’ Generation as well. Right now is…

SNSD: Girls’ Generation!

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