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Recently, the girls of SNSD completed a CF for Goobne Chicken. After the CF was released, Goobne Chicken also released a “making of video” of SNSD while they were filming.

The girls seem to be having a fun time filming. Did you get a chance to catch the CF yet? Check out the “making of video” below!

Girls’ Generation – Goobne Chicken “making of video”

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..and of course, no one listened to her. Being the ‘Director’, I guess Yuri had a hard time dealing with the rebellious and mischievous actresses.

The short video clip (from MBC Section TV aired on November 28th) gives you a glimpse of their latest Goobne CF shoot and judging from their hairstyles,the shoot must have taken place during or just before the “Hoot” promotion.

Let’s take a look at how Yuri dealt with these dorky actresses:

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